Hello, Book Lovelies!!

I’ve been reading “Zenith” by Sasha Alasberg and Lindsey Cummings lately and loving it. So, I created this iPhone wallpaper for you guys. I hope you enjoy. I have it on my phone and it’s cute! Let me know if you would want more like this from other books and I’ll create some more.


Hold down on the image to save to your phone or right click on a computer  💗

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We thought our biggest issue was Instagram and their ever-changing algorithm. We were sooooo wrong. YouTube has dropped a major bomb on small channels by announcing new rules to their Partner Program.

Awhile back I was posting a new booktube video and was told I could no longer monetize my videos. I had to reach 10,000 views before I could. Here’s the truth behind that situation… I barely make any money off the videos I had monetized in the past so that wasn’t a huge issue and I already had 7k+ views.

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Taking photos of books for some people is therapeutic. For others, it’s a way to express their passion for books and mingle it with a creative twist. That’s how Bookstagram started out for me. I wanted to share my passion for books with others like myself and bring my own unique perspective to it. Somewhere along the way, I found myself stressing about the photos I took and feeling as if I wasn’t good enough.

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The Chaos of Standing Still by Jessica Brody was one of those books I picked up simply because the title caught my attention. The title is very poetic and from the moment I read it, I knew it was going to be deep.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I’m going to do my best to not spoil anything in this review for you. If you’re worried about possible spoilers because of opinions and things I took away from it,

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Worst Case by Beck Anderson
Release: January 16, 2018

Will she risk the fall and take a leap of faith?

Vivi Lewis just wants to stay in one place for more than a minute. It’s April of her senior year, for crying out loud, and here she is again, packed into a beat-up white Toyota with her anxiety-ridden single mom, fleeing the Washington coast. She hopes that this move—the one that’s taken them inland to Coeur d’Alene,

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