“Invictus” was one of my most anticipated reads for 2017 and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

You’ve probably seen photos of this book all over my Bookstagram account already but finally, we’re going to talk about it. Thank you to the ever amazing Little Brown & Company for the ARC I received at YallWest. I’m also the proud owner of the BEAUTIFUL hardcover as well.

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Title: Conduit
Author: CC Dowling
Release Date: October 31, 2017 (Halloween!!!)

Pre-Order Link: $0.99 pre-order off the REUTS website and get it a weekend before everyone else! http://www.reuts.com/product/conduit-c-c-dowling/

Back Cover Copy:
When college senior Jane Lamb dies suddenly, she discovers that the afterlife is less pearly gates and fluffy clouds and more standing in line at the DMV. But before she can spend eternity lamenting over her short, unremarkable life, she’s offered a do-over—as a Conduit,
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‘Outlander’ Season 3 leaves fans heartbroken & shocked https://t.co/Ou1AuaaNyI

— Jenni Cazey Daniels (@hppylilbooknook) September 19, 2017

Where have I been?? Well, that is a LONG story that I will post about another time. Part of that story though is I’ve been seriously pursuing freelance blogging/writing, which apart from being an author, is my dream career. It’s a massive hustle to get the work but it’s been absolutely amazing thus far.

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Hello Book Lovelies!

Today, is National Book Lover’s Day and to be quite honest I am beyond excited. Any day that celebrates reading and books is a great day to be alive. In honor of this special day I wanted to share this article I found online. All 26 facts are completely true and I hope someday I will find someone who finds these characteristics adorable and charming. This one is for you Book Lovely…be proud of who you are and know the world needs more people like us.

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