Do you love drinking a nice warm cup of tea while you read? I know I do. I used to be an avid coffee drinker and sometimes I think it was fated upon me. When I was little a pot of coffee was spilled upon my head and due to that occuring in my formative years I like to believe it caused me to crave coffee. At least that’s the story I’m sticking to (and no I wasn’t burnt during this accidental coffee spill. The coffee was cool. Phew). Despite my love of coffee I grew to love tea. Tea is my all time favorite drink and I have yet to find a tea I don’t like. I’m always searching for new tea latte’s (those are my favs) or recipes on how to make things with tea. Okay, maybe it’s a little obbessive, but come on…it’s tea! haha

On one of my many Googling adventures in search of tea, I found what is called a “London Fog.” The name alone had me hooked. What’s not to love about London or Fog? I discovered this was a not so well known tea drink that people couldn’t stop raving about, so of course I had to try it. There were a lot of different variations for making this drink but I wanted to make it simple and tasty. When I’m involved in a REALLY good book, the last thing I want to do is waste time making complicated drinks or snacks. Am I right? Plus, I don’t have a massive budget and I love to make things inexpensively, so don’t worry about this breaking the bank. I found the best and budget loving way to make it.

I’ve made this drink now multiple times and I am addicted. I think it’s my favourite tea latte to date. I wanted to share this recipe with you so you can have, what I consider to be, the perfect bookish drink. Are you ready??




  • Soy Milk “Vanilla” (or your milk of choice)Soy Milk “Vanilla” (or your milk of choice… If you use regular milk, you will want to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your drink. A London Fog isn’t the same without the vanilla. Some people will add lavender or cinnamon, but however you fancy it up, make sure you add the vanilla. That’s what makes this drink!)
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Tea Mug (because who likes tiny tea cups? haha)









STEP #1:


-Place the tea bag in your mug.

-Microwave your milk. I usually start at 1 minute and 30 seconds. You want your milk warm enough that the tea will steep. So play around with the time. If that isn’t warm enough, add an additional 30 seconds until it’s warm enough for your liking.



STEP #2:

-Carefully, pour the warm milk over the tea bag and into the mug.

-Let the tea steep for a few minutes. The milk will begin to turn into a light, caramel, foggy brown colour. (Get it, London Fog? haha).

-Once the tea has had time to steep, stir it and then…..


Comment down below if you’ve tried the recipe or what your favourite tea drink is!!!

Until next time Book Lovelies, Happy Reading & Happy Writing.

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