Where have I been?? Well, that is a LONG story that I will post about another time. Part of that story though is I’ve been seriously pursuing freelance blogging/writing, which apart from being an author, is my dream career. It’s a massive hustle to get the work but it’s been absolutely amazing thus far. I’m writing for an incredible blog, that I highly recommend you checking out if you love all things Fantasy. It’s called: Armorbelle and it’s all about fantasy culture. Soon enough one of the writers will be posting a review for “Tower of Dawn” and you won’t want to miss it. Head over there and say hi!!

Another place I am writing for is called: Blasting News and they are one of the top social media news sites around. The best part? I was brought on to write about OUTLANDER!!! *fangirls and squeals* I get to write about entertainment and books and especially Outlander. Did I mention Outlander? haha Please show my first Outlander article some love by clicking on the link above. The more traffic I get the better the rating I get and I would really appreciate it.

Comment below what you’ve been up to because I miss you heaps! I really, really do. I’m not just saying that by the way. Until next time, Happy Reading Book Lovelies!! <3

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