We thought our biggest issue was Instagram and their ever-changing algorithm. We were sooooo wrong. YouTube has dropped a major bomb on small channels by announcing new rules to their Partner Program.

Awhile back I was posting a new booktube video and was told I could no longer monetize my videos. I had to reach 10,000 views before I could. Here’s the truth behind that situation… I barely make any money off the videos I had monetized in the past so that wasn’t a huge issue and I already had 7k+ views. I didn’t think the terms they were issuing were all that bad. Then today happened…

The new rules require that you have at least 1,000 subscribers, which seems fair and 4,000 HOURS of watch time in 12 months. Did you catch that last part….HOURS!


Booktube has always been a fairly small niche on YouTube. There are of course the booktubers who have amassed a rather large following over the years, but for the most part, we aren’t the creators that bring in tons of views. Not everyone is interested in watching book reviews, especially about Young Adult books. We know that and we’re okay with that because we LOVE what we do. However, it was nice to feel as though we had a shot at having our content matter too.

The reason YouTube or rather Google decided to make such drastic changes is because of recent events like Logan Paul. We’ve all heard about the suicide forest video he posted recently. If you haven’t do a quick Google search and you’ll hear all about it. YouTube decided to slap Logan Paul on the hand and let him continue bringing in millions of views to his videos (because it means money). What happens to the rest of us? We get to feel the consequences of his actions by making it harder for us to build our community of book lovers and have a real chance at making our content matter too.


In the picture, I used for this post I put the caption, “We are creators, dreamers & doers.” That is who we’ve always been as booktubers. We’ve always poured our hearts and souls into the content we create because we love this community. We are passionate about sharing book reviews and content because that’s what brings us joy. I don’t want to see this YouTube news hinder people from creating content. I don’t want this to be the point where small channels (like mine) decide to give up because they will never make it. We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t secretly dream of having YouTube success and making our income there. It’s the new American dream, right? Money is not why we started and that’s not why we will continue on.

The stakes may be higher and the terms may be tough but we will still continue to create content. We will still continue to share our love of books with each other and those who stumble across our channels. That is my hope for all of us.


Since this news was released I have seen countless Booktubers uniting on Twitter to help everyone achieve more subscribers and continue to grow our community strong. That is what makes the Book Community so incredible. We come together and support one another and we don’t give up. I have discovered amazing Booktubers today that I otherwise may not have found before. That’s a silver lining amidst all these dark clouds YouTube threw our way. Am I right?


Be sure and hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button on Booktuber accounts and share the love. Since watch time matters now more than ever, make sure to watch their videos and support their content.

Here are links to Twitter accounts that have been collecting Booktubers all day. Click on their tweets and go down the list and follow the booktubers. It’s a great way to show support and let them know their content matters.

Thomas SFF180: https://twitter.com/SFF180

Crescent Moon Reads (Rhiannon): https://twitter.com/rhiannonthropp

AlliemBooks (Allie): https://twitter.com/alliembooks

Dai Kitty Reads: https://www.youtube.com/user/DaiKitteh

Happy Lil Book Nook: http://www.twitter.com/hppylilbooknook

We are all in this together and I am so excited to see what the future holds for Booktube. Also, if you haven’t checked out my channel yet you can find it here: HAPPY LIL BOOK NOOK (http://www.youtube.com/happylilbooknook) and I would really appreciate the subscribers and support too.

Comment below your channels because I am following EVERYONE!!!!

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