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I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted on the blog. I am incredibly sorry. Life has gotten the best of me, I’ll be honest. I find myself far too exhausted to even read some days and you know that’s saying a lot! However, I’ve made a personal commitment to get back into posting videos and blogs. So keep checking back for more coming soon!

Today though I wanted to launch my blogging return by sharing a conversation that I was apart of last night. As many of you know my day job involves copious amounts of customer service. Which means I speak to a variety of people everyday about every possible topic under the sun. Well last night I met a middle school music teacher. She was telling me of her obsession with Netflix and Hulu and asked what I liked to watch. I said “Truthfully, I don’t watch much tv; I read books.” Her eyes lit up and she goes “Good for you! What kind of books do you read?” I replied, “Young Adult Fiction.” Her face went from excited to questionable. I know she was looking at me wondering why someone clearly older than middle school/high school would be reading YA. She goes “Oh…that’s cool. Why do you read young adult fiction?”

This is where I had to control myself and try not to get offended by her judgement. People who don’t read YA tend to look down on those of us who do. Let’s be honest, it’s just a thing. Not everyone does it, but a lot of people do. This truly annoys me because isn’t it more important that a person be an avid reader than judge them on what they read? Well, I suppose that’s a conversation for another time. haha At least I wasn’t just zoning out to television all day! I told her that I read YA because it tends to focus deeper on topics of accepting others, being empathetic to other people, looking at life in a more positive and open way. That typical adult fiction tended to be a little too surface level for me and not nearly as introspective.

The conversation continued where I told her I was currently reading “The Maze Runner.” She recognized the series and said “That’s nice. What else do you read?” Clearly she was not impressed by my current reading selection. She goes “Did you read the Mocking Jay series?” I said “Yes, I read the Hunger Games.” She asked, “What was that other one that was three movies and kind of like that series?” We concluded after her trying to explain it she meant Divergent. I proudly told her I had read that series too. With a judgemental grin she said “And you read Twilight too?” I said, “Yes, I read Twilight too.” Every question she asked and every facial expression she made that said she thought I was highly immature for reading YA made me more and more frustrated.

Well this led us back to her original question of why read YA. I felt like I had to defend my choice of books and I wanted her to stop acting as though YA had nothing to offer anyone. I said “They did a study a year or two ago that said people who read YA literature tend to be more empathetic to others than those who read other genres.” She goes “Hmm…that’s interesting. Have you ever read Outlander?” She totally brushed off the defense of YA and I said “Yes, I have read Outlander and I love that series. It’s one of my favorites.” She says “Wow, you’ve actually read the books all the way through?” I replied, “Yes! I read one book a year and I’m on book 4 this year.” She was astounded and said “I couldn’t make it through the first book. It was just too hard to read and understand all the words like Sassenach. See…don’t sell yourself short! You read adult fiction too.”

What I wanted to ask her, but wasn’t able to, was why was reading YA selling myself short? Why did it matter that I read a series like Outlander and also read books like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter? A part of me wanted to be ashamed that I loved YA as much as I do and then I quickly realized this woman should be ashamed for judging me in the first place. She wasn’t even reading books at all!!

The moral of this story…. before I rant on and on for days haha Don’t ever let anyone in this world make you feel bad for being a reader. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy YA or other genres. Read what you love and let it transform your life and make you into the person you want to be. Be proud that you’re a reader and an avid one at that. By the end of the conversation I was proud to let this woman know I am a reader, writer, publisher, and have worked with countless authors and publishers over the years. That I run my own business for book lovers and I am making a future out of my passion. Educate the world on what they don’t understand and stand tall and proud because YOU are extraordinary and just because someone doesn’t understand that doesn’t change a thing!

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Until next time Book Lovelies…Happy Reading! <3



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