S U B M I S S I O N S:

Happy Lil Book Nook is currently seeking Young Adult Novels in any genre to publish. To have your story considered for publication please follow the instructions below.
The subject of you email must be: Query: [ Title of your Novel ]
The email must include:
  • A summary of your novel.
  • The first 3-5 chapters (pasted inside the body of the text. No attachments will be  accepted.
  • State the genre of your novel, whether it is a stand alone book or part of a series. If  the novel is already completed, please include the word count or estimated word count if possible.
  • Share a little bit about yourself, such as why you chose to become an author, and/or  any places you’ve been published before or awards for your writing.
All emails will be responded to. Please be patient once submitting your novel as all stories will be carefully considered. You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the status of your novel.
-You will be included in every step of the process from book & cover design, editing, and marketing.
-All novels are edited before final publication. You may be asked to make changes to the story if they are required and an open mind is appreciated.
-Your novel will be published with a unique ISBN and under Happy Lil Book Nook Publishing which gives your book a much more polished and professional appearance.
-Authors are not provided an advance when signing with Happy Lil Book Nook Publishing. Royalty rates are fair and break down to 60% for the author and 40% for publishing. This is for both print and eBook formats.
-You will be backed by a publishing company who believes in the power of a good story and wants to see you succeed as an author.
If you have additional questions please email them to: